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Large female snook are moving into the passes and inlets along the gulf coast. my favorite lures for these fish are red and white or green and white bucktail jigs with mylar flash added. I use the lightest jig that will allow me to keep the lure bouncing along the bottom. My go to is a 1/2 oz but i may go as heavy as 1 oz if the water is very deep and/or the current is very strong. i throw the jig, let it sink to the bottom then bounce it back along the bottom using quick short twitches of the rod.

snook can also be found along the beaches, especially in areas near a pass or inlet. look for them feeding in the swash channels adjacent to the shoreline. again bucktails are effective, as well as lead head jigs rigged with soft plastic swim or jerk baits. I prefer to wade through the middle of the swash, parallel to the shoreline and casting up current/tide so that i'm retrieving the lure in the same direction as the water is moving.

the inside of barrier islands, again, near passes and inlets, will also hold snook. these fish will provide the best chance for a topwater hookup, especially at dawn and dusk. these fish will often hold in grass patches in skinny water of two feet or less.

the key to any of these options is moving water - the stronger the current or tide, the more likely the snook will be interested in hitting you lure.

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Thanks for the insight, however, I live in Edinburg, Texas and fish port Mansfield and south padre island. Could you give me some insight on where this would apply where I fish?

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